Luderia: A Legacy

Luderia is in a cryogenic state.

The relentless claws of life have caught up with us and we had to park our flying machine indefinitely. But our ride was awesome while it lasted, and we believe that our legacy remains.

And who knows? One of these days, we might wake up again.


At Luderia, we make games. In latin, “ludus” stands for game, play, school. In portuguese, the suffix “eria” means “a place for.” Think of “a place for games:” a steak house for barbecuing videogames, or shoemakers of ludicity and playfulness. A confectionery where the dough is technique and the sugar is our desire to bring smiles, tears and victory cries to players.

Engraved in our brand as a flying machine, a game workshop manned by strenuous elves, Luderia is more of a state of spirit than a place or a company. It’s the will of flying high working with this “neo-craftwork” of characters, places and virtual legends. That’s how we see ourselves: as ever-learning artisans, gamecrafters, ludhiers, part of a generation that was born playing video games and that believes in game as art, in game as learning and mainly in game as game.